Learning real-world analytics using SQL 


  • Hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of data analysis
  • Covers all levels of SQL expertise from novice to master with examples
  • Includes techniques and approaches to query complex databases more effectively 


This book will take you on an interactive journey to master SQL querying from the most fundamental to the most advanced level using various T-SQL techniques to provide meaningful insights from your SQL Server data.

The book begins with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of both SQL and SQL Server. It then guides readers through the process of building queries, using simple and then more complex table joins and progressively more advanced data filtering, to deliver advanced queries based on a variety of SQL techniques. The reader will understand how to deliver relevant and trustworthy analysis of the data through learning how to apply fundamental computations in T-SQL, relational logic, and how to group and aggregate data. There is also coverage of other SQL concepts, such as formatting queries, writing subqueries, creating derived tables, joining and filtering tables, etc. In addition to that, the book discusses how to conduct rolling analyses, examine time-series data, and manage large and complex datasets.

After finishing the book, readers won't merely be able to write complex queries; rather, they will be able to construct their methodology for analysing relational datasets and arriving at the desired insights.


  • Analyze data using simple math and logic, multiple filters, and data aggregation.
  • Become proficient with table expressions, subqueries, and writing complex computations.
  • Perform rolling analysis and time series analysis using advanced methods.
  • Review SQL concepts such as table joins, data filtering, query structuring, and table derivation.


This book is for data professionals, such as database developers, SQL developers, data analysts, and BI experts, who wish to construct complex queries and extract the desired analytics from their datasets. The book also encourages smart new learners to learn SQL and use it right away in their first jobs.