Learn how to build cross-platform mobile apps from a single shared codebase


  • Covers fundamental and advanced aspects of multi-platform mobile development
  • Revisit the fundamentals of .NET and C# to create modern native apps more quickly
  • Check out tips and advice on getting started as a successful mobile developer


For any mobile developer, it's clear that Xamarin knowledge is vital, thanks to the reintroduction of .NET MAUI. This book provides the reader with complete hands-on experience in designing cross-platform mobile applications with Xamarin, C#, and .NET.

The book discusses the importance of cross-platform mobile app development and the benefits of learning Xamarin. The book delivers a quick lesson on C# and Visual Studio to implement all of the knowledge gained in this book into your first mobile application.

In the second half of the book, you'll learn to start from scratch using Xamarin and create mobile apps in C#. It explains how to utilise Visual Studio as the development environment, design the user interface using the XAML markup language, organise common controls into layouts, and create multi-page applications with navigation and various pages. This includes creating reusable resources, such as styles and templates, and the use of local and remote databases for data manipulation. In addition, the book offers expert advice on the requirements of a standard mobile application, such as handling network connection, battery level, and safeguarding data in the device's secure storage.


  • Learn every aspect of Xamarin to create cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Refresh .NET, C#, and Visual Studio skills required for mobile development.
  • Build UI with XAML, views, and layouts, including navigation.
  • Use reusable resources, data-oriented coding, multimedia support, and debug code.
  • Explore advanced programming patterns and ways to improve performance.
  • Tips and answers to help you land a job as a mobile developer.


This book is intended for beginners, aspiring mobile developers, .NET users, Visual Studio users, and application developers eager to design and build mobile apps compatible with numerous platforms. This book will also refresh your knowledge of .NET and C# so you can begin Xamarin development rapidly.