Practice VB.NET & ASP.NET in simple steps


  • VB.NET and ASP.NET topics are demonstrated with various examples in-depth.
  • Includes detailed explanations of all VB.NET and ASP.NET programming statements.
  • Numerous hands-on exercises demonstrating database and backend programming.


The book teaches the essentials of VB.NET and Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) in about four weeks. This book promises to be an excellent resource for novices interested in learning the essentials of ASP.NET, VB.NET, Windows applications, and online apps.

Using examples, this book teaches how to declare variables, operators, and control statements in C++. Standard window controls like Listboxes, Comboboxes, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Timers, Scrollbars, and Picture boxes are explored and elaborated. The basics of Database Management using VB.NET and ASP.NET are demonstrated through instructive examples. Topics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are also addressed in detail in the book. Readers will understand the fundamentals of front-end programming, but they will also gain an understanding of the concept of back-end programming.

Topics of Arrays, functions, databases, sessions, and file upload control are covered with practical exercises and use-cases scattered throughout. After reading this book, students will be very familiar with the VB.NET and ASP.NET programming examples and can successfully transition themselves into a professional developer.


  • For Windows, you can create simple to complicated applications.
  • Develop simple database applications using VB.NET and gain knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Utilize the ASP.NET framework to develop web-based apps.
  • Develop your backend programming skills while managing database connections.


This book is intended for developers and students interested in learning about VB.NET and ASP.NET to gain strong scripting skills for developing server-side windows applications. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge.