Explore Azure AI Platform 


  • Easy-to-follow tutorial for getting started with the Azure AI platform.
  • Integrated platform for developing, deploying, and managing AI apps.
  • Includes real-world scenarios and use-cases to fully explore Azure AI Platform.


Microsoft Azure AI A Beginner's Guide explains the fundamentals of Azure AI and some more advanced topics. The sole objective of the book is to provide hands-on experience working with the various services, APIs, and tools available in the Azure AI Platform. This book begins by discussing the fundamentals of the Azure AI platform and the essential principles behind the Azure AI ecosystem and services. Readers will become familiar with the essential services, use cases, and examples provided by Azure AI Platform and Services, including Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Computer Vision, Azure Applied AI Services, and Azure Machine Learning. 

The author focuses on teaching how to utilize Azure Cognitive services to construct intelligent apps, including Image Processing, Object Detection, Text Recognition, OCR, Spatial Analysis, and Face Recognition using Computer Vision. Readers can investigate Azure Applied AI Services, including Form Recognizer, Metrics Advisor, Cognitive Search, Immersive Reader, Video Analyzer, and Azure Bot Service. Bot Framework and the Bot Framework Emulator will be explored in further detail, and how they can be used in AI applications to improve their conversational user interfaces. With Azure Machine Learning Studio, you will also learn to incorporate machine learning into your enterprise-level applications.


  • Get familiar with Azure AI Platform and the cognitive capabilities of Azure.
  • Learn to create apps that can process photos, detect faces, and detect objects.
  • Utilize OCR, handwriting recognition, and spatial analysis in your development.
  • Learn about Azure AI services like Form Recognizer, Metrics Advisor, Cognitive Search, Azure Immersive Reader, and Video Analyzer.
  • Try out several NLP applications with the Azure BOT framework.


This book teaches AI developers, machine learning engineers, .NET developers, and architects how to swiftly develop intelligent applications utilizing the Azure AI Platform. Knowledge of.NET or.NET Core is strongly advised to get the most out of the book.