Complete Coverage of Tally.. Video Tutorials, Practical Assignments, Job Interview,  Work from Home Projects


  • Tally PRIME Controls : Company Creation/Selection/Shutting/Deletion, Gateway of Tally, Configuration set up, Period & Date set up, Calculator, Back Up, Restore, Rewriting, Reports Navigation & Transaction updates, Printing Set Up 
  • Financial Accounts : Accounts Features set up, Chart of Accounts & Masters updation, Voucher Types & Voucher Class, Voucher Entry Modes, Accounts Vouchers entry with in line Masters creation, List of Vouchers, Books of Accounts, Accounts Registers, Financial Statements, Financial Analysis. 
  • Materials Accounts : Inventory Masters, Inventory Masters Lists & Masters updation, Accounts Voucher with Inventory details, Invoicing, Invoice Configuration & Printing, Point of Sales, Inventory Reports, Stock Statements summaries.
  • Tax Accounts : Goods & Service Tax (GST). Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Payroll Accounts : Payroll activation & details set up, Pay & Deduction Heads and Accounts Masters, Payroll Vouchers Manual & Auto Fill entry, Pay Slip and Paysheets, Payroll Reports.


This is a novel book, marriage of print and digital Media. The reader will get additional materials of digital contents in Blog, Image, Audio & Video, through numerous QR Code, apart from the contents in Printed Book. So, reader gets vast additional contents than what can be provided in limited space of such small and slim book.

In this book, the author have provided practical aspects of implementation of Accounting System in organisation, supplemented by Video Tutorials, problems faced and work around solution, laying stress on planning and execution, rather than just keyboard operations. 

This book provides links to on-line FREE training materials & practical assignments, and Project work with Cash Rewards. The readers get practical industry experience as well as Cash rewards for small project work done while learning. 

It is hoped this little book will meet the expectations of everyone in the training & employment chain; Fresh Candidates seeking to enter into the accounting profession, through gainful job opportunities with shining career prospects; Training Centers to grow their business; and Employers to get suitable industry ready candidates. 


  • Learn about Concepts of Computerised Accounting using  Tally PRIME Software, from FREE Resources.
  • Do Practical Real Life Business Accounting Assignments for practice
  • Participate in Job Interview conducted by Employers & Recruiters
  • Do Project work, on-line training & customer support service, working from Home. Eran Money.


This book is for fresh commerce graduates wishing to make career in Accounts discipline in  Business Organisation. It offers FREE resources of learning including Video Tutorials. It also helps remote learners with supporting services like Guidance from Experts during leraning and Jobs after learning.