Be Prepared for a Revolutionary Transformation with Quantum Computing


  • Demystify concepts, working principles, and the process of Quantum Computing.
  • Extensive coverage on various applications of Quantum Computing across industries and sectors.
  • Learn how to harness the power of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence in your business.


The book ‘Quantum Computing and Future’ brings a holistic view of the potential of Quantum Computing across various industries and sectors. This book touches almost every area of application that can be benefitted from the capability of Quantum Computing, thus helping readers to understand how this innovative technology brings agility and transformation across enterprises. 

This book begins with concepts and principles of Quantum Computing followed by the process of quantum computing functions. It explains how Quantum Computing has led to transformation across sectors, including Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Genomics, Drug Discovery, Aviation, Tourism, Cryptocurrency, and Security. The book describes how an enterprise can leverage the tremendous capabilities of Quantum Computing and put its application in your business infrastructure for its optimal performance. You will see yourself most updated on the current progress of implementation of Quantum Computers and how their services can be available for enterprise use.

By the end of the book, you will understand the enormous potential of Quantum Computing and how it is transforming businesses across different industries.


  • Explore Quantum concepts and principles such as Superposition, Entanglement, and Interference.
  • Understand how Quantum Computing is revolutionizing the Healthcare and Medicine fields.
  • Understand how Quantum Computing is transforming the Banking and Finance sectors.


This book is for IT and Non-IT professionals, developers, business analysts, business heads, CXOs, students, and researchers who are interested in Quantum Computing. Anyone who wants to know the latest trends and future of this cutting-edge technology will find this book helpful.