Adopt distributed technology to deliver immutable data ownership solutions


  • Understand how Blockchain is the backbone of bitcoin and smart contracts.
  • Complete coverage across distributed systems, blockchain frameworks, smart contracts and wallet.
  • Includes use-cases and current trends on the adoption of blockchain across different business models.


This book is about developing a comprehensive understanding of blockchain, how it works and can benefit the functioning of the organization. This book exposes you to blockchain technology and illustrates how to leverage it to create value.

First, you should have a working grasp of cryptography, cypher modes, digital signatures, and digital certificates, all of which are thoroughly covered in the first chapter of this book. By gradually introducing you to Distributed Ledger Technology, you can start understanding blockchain. After that, you'll become acquainted with fundamental blockchain concepts like consensus models, algorithms, and procedures. You'll learn about blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric that enable the development of DApps, DeFi applications, and systems driven by blockchains. Additionally, concepts such as smart contracts, the Ethereum virtual machine, accounts, wallets, GAS, and mining are explained briefly and simplified. The book analyses current blockchain developments, various blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platforms and helps you to gain a better grasp of the technology.

Throughout the book, you will understand multiple blockchain principles, procedures, tools, and platforms required to begin developing blockchain-based business networks.


  • Acquaint yourself with the blockchain's application cases and primary benefits.
  • Consensus models, distributed networks, and cryptography techniques are well-understood.
  • Recognize how smart contracts and cryptocurrencies work.
  • Familiarize yourself with the HyperLedger Fabric and Ethereum.
  • Examine the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, platform, user interfaces, infrastructure, and network.


This book is intended for prospective blockchain developers, technical consultants, and anybody who is interested in learning and exploring the principles of blockchain technology, including the distributed systems, networking, cryptography, and smart contracts. Having prior knowledge around IT systems would be preferred.