A beginner's guide to coding using the play way method to learn programming 


  • Installation of Visual Studio code.
  • Step-by-step demonstration of creating the folders files.
  • In-depth practical demonstration of all the concepts with examples.
  • Explanation of the code using comments with the Code window and Output Screenshots.
  • Real-life based problems to demonstrate the approach for solving the problem.


This book helps in the installation of the software and step by step process of creating the folder and files within the folder. 

This book includes different approaches to understand the learning of programming concepts. The problem statement is given with the help of screenshots and the code is given to display the output that has been asked in the problem statement along with the screenshot. 

While reading the book the students will enjoy playing games and understand the concept easily using gamification methods. The visual method is easier for the kids of this age to understand the concept. Therefore, playing with colors and shapes are used in the beginning and  they can build games to understand the concept of programming.


  • Learn about the problem, approach towards solving it and code it to build the problem-solving approach.
  • Step-by-step approach towards solving a problem.
  • Learn Python turtle programming in a fun way.
  • Learn the fundamentals of python concepts by doing various projects that use colors, shapes and games.
  • Understand the concept using real-life problems. 


This book is for all the students who have a passion and  would like to see what all can be done by using programming. Any age group student can learn Python by using this book.