Filled with sample case study, exercises, commonly faced issues/solutions, and important interview questions, this book is surely going to help developers to expand their skills in JPA.


  • Covers every JPA capability with detailed examples.
  • Explanation of popular JPA providers in detail as well as sample JPA code.
  • Includes solutions geared toward developers, interview questions, and expert advice.


'Mastering Java Persistence API' is geared towards experiencing the functioning of JPA and the extent of its use in Java SE and Java EE applications. While the book's primary objective is to develop competence in JPA, it also takes a simpler approach to refresh readers on basic database management system concepts and how to design simple JPA applications.

The book begins with the ideas like ORM, EJB CMP, and the difficulties associated with data conversion from a database to an application and vice versa are handled spontaneously. The book discusses Table, Row, Column, Cell, and various forms of Relationships and progress sequentially through the JPA concepts. It also discusses database processes such as identity generation, sequencing, locking, querying, persisting, caching, and transaction management in detail and emphasizes how JPA handles them. Further, the book covers the architecture and setup of two of the most extensively used JPA provider implementations (Hibernate and EclipseLink) in detail. 

Additionally, this book includes sample functioning code for connecting to a MySQL database.

Each JPA functionality is illustrated with a code snippet, making it easier to modify these features as the application develops. This book teaches both beginners and seasoned professionals how to integrate JPA concepts in their employment through numerous problems and answers spanning each of the topics.


  • Refresh your knowledge of relational database management system concepts in an object-oriented approach.
  • Using JPA, you can create a table, row, column, key, query, data type, etc.
  • Prepare for your first JPA project by working through the Mavenized Sample working code.
  • Identify various ways for object-oriented representation of relationships.
  • Acquire proficiency in various approaches for storing, caching, and transaction management.
  • Discover the inner workings of JPA providers, Hibernate, and EclipseLink, as well as their architecture.


This book is aimed at Java developers who wish to master JPA and develop JPA-based applications enthusiastically. 

To get the most out of this book, you should have a basic familiarity with Java programming.