Journey of Learning from Novice to Professionals after all “Yeh Dil Maange Python”


  • In this book, there is a step-by-step explanation of each python code for better understanding and readability. Each topic is explained by citing the examples with proper relevant content. The reader can easily co-relate the topic and an example side by side. Also, a lot of examples are provided in each chapter such that the reader can practice and learn very easily.
  • Nowadays, there are various platforms to learn the topic either via youtube, udemy or coursera. Each author is trying their best to cover the topic. But a common course videos are not provided in these platforms for learning Basic Core, Advanced Core and Multiple Choice Questions with videos explanation so that the reader can prepare for competitive exams or work on their project as lot of topics are missing here. So, to narrow down the gap between quality content coverage and explanation of topics in detail, this book was written so that readers can no longer search for any of these platforms for learning the concepts. Also, in total 638 videos with step-by-step explanation and 609 python source code files (via QR Code feature ) along with PPT of all the chapters are being provided keeping in mind for beginners to grasp the knowledge of python in a very easy manner. Around 134 videos are there which includes Multiple Choice Questions pattern for preparing different python certification exams. Reader is not required to search for any other book and platform for gaining knowledge once learned from this book. No any Indian/Foreign author is providing source code, PPT and videos all at a time for learning of each topic covering Basic, Advanced and Objective Type Questions in Python which is the biggest USP.
  • Reader can learn topic by topic with help of videos, ppts, practising python source code in various IDE’s and going through well documented content.  Access of QR Code facility is provided for accessing the topics/ codes/ practicing objective questions etc.


This book on python was written keeping in view of the beginners who struggle to get good content and programs for learning in a very lucid manner. The main objective of writing this book was to clear the concepts from basics to advanced levels in a very simple way. The above book contains all the basic needs that a python programmer should know. All the concepts have been cleared with step-by-step approach and comment wherever necessary. A reader can understand very easily and practice it to sharpen the skills so that they can cement their position in this area in various multinational companies. The level is up to the mark and it is guaranteed that the reader will no longer be requiring any other book for the same concepts. The reader's confidence will be at the highest level after going through this book and we assure you that all the minute details have been taken into consideration while delivering the contents.

This book will enable readers/learners looking to switch into python language by learning all the concepts in a simplified manner which will be aided with topic-by-topic explanation via videos/source code/ppts in the book. In addition, readers will also get the opportunity to practice objective questions for preparing different certification exams.

Furthermore, this book highlights all the minute concepts coverage which are required to be known for executing different projects.  


  • Get handy with the execution of the python code in VS Code.
  • Learn the basic concepts of core and advanced python in a lucid manner.
  • Learn step by step code understanding and cursor movement of each topic.
  • Great foundation building on Core, Advance python and Microsoft certification exams.
  • Source code access for practicing after learning each concept.
  • Learn to formulate new concepts for each challenge. 


  1. Diploma/Undergraduate/Postgraduate students from any branch of Engineering, and Science
  2. Std 8 to Std 12 students of CBSE and state boards
  3. Working professionals in multinational IT companies