Come and join hands together to learn Python from scratch. This book will help you understand Python from scratch and help you build a career in the field of programming.


  • Exciting examples and a solid grasp of the principles of Python.

  • An easy guide for absolute beginners to enjoy coding while learning.

  • Exception handling, OOPs fundamentals, inheritance, and reusability explained in detail.


The book offers to teach a novice programmer the fundamentals of Python programming from the ground up. The book provides a brief history of Python, followed by exploring Python's fundamental concepts, features, and applications in detail.

The book explains Python identifiers, keywords, variables, and assignments, as well as basic operators and decision-making statements. This book covers repetitive code, strings and integers (dictionaries), functions and modules (files), exception handling, and object-oriented programming in all of its variants. The book explains concepts with illustrations, thus making it simple for even the most unskilled reader to grasp the basics of the code execution flow.

By the end of this book, you will have a firm grasp of all of Python's programming ideas. Additionally, it will help you to prepare for any upcoming job interviews with your comprehensive Python understanding.


  • Quickly grasp the concepts of lists, tuples, dictionaries, and functions.

  • Examine Python's effective use of exception handling.

  • Makes object-oriented programming more understandable.

  • Discover when and how to use Python's decision-making statements.

  • Use Python to perform and execute file operations.


This book is for web application developers, entry level developers, and IT graduates who want to learn the entire web application development by developing a solid hold on Python principles. Basic programming knowledge is recommended but not required.