A comprehensive outlook on all the concepts of Robotics for beginners


  • Includes key concepts of robot modeling, control, and programming.
  • Numerous examples and exercises on various aspects of robotics.
  • Exposure to physical computing, robotic kinematics, trajectory planning, and motion control systems.


‘Robotics Simplified’ is a learner’s handbook that provides a thorough foundation around robotics, including all the basic concepts. The book takes you through a lot of essential topics about robotics, including robotic sensing, actuation, programming, motion control, and kinematic analysis of robotic manipulators. 

To begin with, the book prepares you with the basic foundational knowledge that assists you in understanding the basic concepts of robotics. It  helps you to understand key elements of robotic systems, including various actuators, sensors, and different vision systems. It explains the actual physics that robotic systems work upon such as trajectory planning and motion control of manipulators. It covers the kinematics and dynamics of multi-body systems while you learn to develop a robotic model. Various programming techniques and control systems have practically been demonstrated that guide you to reverse engineer, reprogram and troubleshoot some existing simple robots.  You will also get a practical demonstration of how your robots can become smart and intelligent using various image processing techniques illustrated in detail.

By the end of this book, you will gain a solid foundation of robotics and get well-versed with the modern techniques that are used for robotic modeling, controlling, and programming.


  • Understand and develop robotic vision and sensing systems.
  • Integrate various robotic actuators and end-effectors.
  • Design and configure manipulators with robotic kinematics.
  • Prepare the trajectory and path planning of robots.
  • Learn robot programming using C, Python, and VAL.


This book has been meticulously crafted for engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and robotics enthusiasts. This book provides a complete explanation of all major robotics principles, allowing readers of all levels to learn from scratch.