Crunch all you want as the Internet of Things is the best technology around us. 


  • An extensive explanation of concepts, associated hardware, and software with numerous examples.
  • Detailed illustrations describing various IoT principles and applications.
  • Integration of IoT into a business model, including the associated risks and benefits.


This book, 'IoT for Beginners', covers all of the fundamental concepts necessary to comprehend IoT and its various aspects. It provides an in-depth understanding of the role of IoT in routine activities and at the business front.

The book introduces the fundamental concepts, characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of the IoT. The book covers all the related hardware, software, protocols, platforms, standards, and programming languages. The book provides a comprehensive explanation of various IoT devices and applications in multiple industries. It explains the security requirements, architecture, challenges, and standards associated with the IoT using various use-cases. The book also highlights opportunities, challenges, and evergreen IoT projects.

After reading this book, readers will understand IoT technology, its core building blocks, associated software, and platforms. The readers can put their newfound knowledge to use and make a good start with a career in IoT and edge devices.


  • Demonstrate the various characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of IoT.
  • Acquaint yourself with the architecture, components, and a variety of IoT devices.
  • Decrypt the operation of IoT devices and technologies.
  • Investigate future opportunities, challenges, and enduring IoT projects.
  • Acquaint yourself with the working protocols and security features of IoT.


This book is for students, tech professionals, and all those who are eager to learn and use IoT in their personal and professional lives and build careers around IoT technologies. Basic computer and Internet knowledge would be an added advantage.