Create scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable online analytical applications with a feature-rich DBMS designed for speed.


  • Hands-on approach towards learning ClickHouse from basic to advanced level.
  • Numerous examples demonstrating how to use ClickHouse for analytical tasks.
  • Straightforward explanations for complex concepts on ClickHouse and its vast features.
  • Integration with a variety of technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, and Amazon S3.


This book provides a hands-on approach for data professionals to onboard ClickHouse and empowers the readers to perform real-time analytics using ClickHouse SQL.

The readers will understand the fundamentals of database technologies and frequently used relational database concepts such as keys, database normalisation etc. The readers will learn to query the data using SQL (ClickHouse dialect), configure databases and tables in ClickHouse and use the various types of core table engines available in ClickHouse, including the MergeTree and Log family engines. The readers will be able to investigate and practically integrate ClickHouse with various external data sources and work with unique table engines shipped with ClickHouse. With help of the examples provided, readers will be able to gain experience in configuring the ClickHouse setup and perform administrative tasks in the ClickHouse Server.

Throughout this journey, readers will reinforce their learning by using numerous working examples and the question and answer section at the end of each chapter. By the end of this book, readers will be able to apply their knowledge and utilize ClickHouse in real-world applications.


  • Querying the tables in ClickHouse and performing analytical tasks using ClickHouse SQL.
  • Integrating and running queries with popular RDBMS, including MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Integrating with cloud storage and streaming platforms such as S3 and Kafka.
  • Working with Core engines and special engines.
  • Configure the ClickHouse setup and carry out administrative tasks.


This book is intended for data engineers, application developers, database administrators and software architects who want to learn ClickHouse.