Guide to Marketing Automation and Accelerated ROI on Advertising 


  • Demonstrates how a DSP works, its bidding strategies, impression tracking, and configurations.
  • Exemplifies how AI/ML simplifies bidding strategies.
  • Illustrates how SSP, exchange, ad-server, and header-bidding (client and server-side) work in detail.


This book provides you with an in-depth understanding of programmatic advertising. This knowledge can be applied to the checklist for procuring the appropriate stack, optimizing existing platforms, and/or building the system from the ground up.

With comprehensive treatment of programmatic issues, this book establishes a solid foundation with ID systems, data management systems, and data thinking, among other topics. It explores the different data sources, attributes, and the real-time bidding protocol in detail (RTB steam). It makes its way even further into the larger systems of DSP and SSP. This book will help assist you in all aspects of running an ad-tech system.

By the end of this book, you will gain a vast amount of knowledge about programmatic systems. You will become an independent expert that will help you to evaluate the advertising techniques for your own business.


  • Learn about the ID mechanics of cookies and GAID/IDFA.
  • Gain an intuitive and in-depth understanding of the data's role in AI/ML.
  • Learn about various data-centric strategies around buy and sell of media.
  • Learn about DSP, bidder, bidding strategies, RTB, paid impression, and various syncs.
  • Learn about SSP, Exchange, Ad-Server, header bidding systems, and AI-led floor price optimization.


The book is essential for the architects, senior developers, and ad-tech operations to learn about programmatic in-housing from a design, process, strategic thinking, and operational standpoint. It also attracts business professionals who want to learn the tricks of the trade for increasing revenues and learn the art of asking the right questions.