Transform the way you deliver IT resources digitally to connect to people and businesses.


  • Extensive demonstration of service and deployment models with related use-cases.
  • Includes wide and deep practical scenarios to explore the real cloud platform.
  • Broad perspective to manage resources and disaster recovery.
  • Infers various security standards and IAM with numerous examples.


The book ‘Building Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure’ covers the designing of a private cloud using various components and tools on various platforms such as AWS and OpenNebula.

This book includes network virtualization and integrated technologies such as the Internet of Things and how to create web servers/instances on Amazon Web Services and OpenNebula.

The readers will gain a better understanding of the concept of resource management, which offers benefits such as cost savings and improved manageability after reading this book. They will also learn disaster recovery, techniques, and tools to support virtualization, as well as the security challenges inherent in cloud platforms, the various IAM roles and their associated security, and various security standards.


  • Understand the fundamentals of cloud concepts.
  • Explore the knowledge of virtualization through different virtualization tools.
  • Understand economic considerations to launch businesses online.
  • Create your private cloud as per business needs.
  • Learn to choose the right services to grow rapidly in the market.


This book is intended for students, researchers, and anyone interested in learning about designing, configuring, and deploying cloud-based applications. The readers should have a basic understanding of networking concepts, but not necessarily of the cloud.