Scan the History, Trace Evolution and Mine the terms of Blockchain


  • World’s largest blockchain glossary covering 400+ blockchain terms explained in a simple and lucid manner.
  • Easy to scan and find terms as they are arranged in an alphabetical orderIn-depth coverage on core principles, challenges, and application of Emotion Analysis.


Blockchain has emerged as one of the most widely discussed technologies in the last few years among the students, practitioners, crypto enthusiasts and academicians alike. With Blockchain’s growing adoption, several new terms and lexicon are being added continuously to expand its universe comprising concepts, key contributors, latest developments, protocols, tools and lots more. We felt there was a need to introduce an all-encompassing ‘Blockchain Thesaurus’ that would enable practitioners and students to stay abreast of the ‘Who’, ‘Why’ and ‘What’ of the blockchain world as it stands today. With 400+ blockchain terms and growing, this book will address this requirement and equip the readers with all they want to know to become a blockchain pro. 

Blockchain technology will soon power the currency for entire countries, change the world’s financial systems and level the playing field for small companies to have the same access to opportunities as the large incumbents. Yet little has been done to make the core concepts of blockchain accessible and understandable to the everyday business user. With this essential guide, Rajesh has made these powerful concepts real to everyone.

-Todd McDonald, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, R3 

New-age technologies like blockchain have become all pervasive and we find ourselves inundated with new tech jargon at the rate of knots. Authored by blockchain industry veterans, this new thesaurus of blockchain is your quintessential ‘one-stop’ source that lists all the blockchain lexicon (400+ terms) that you ever need to know and explains them in a simple, easy to understand language. It is comprehensive in its coverage –  from cryptocurrencies, contributors, protocols, consensus mechanisms, consortiums and lots more – you name it and it will have it!

In short, it is the world’s shortest course to make you a Blockchain Pro!

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation


  • Comprehensive blockchain knowledge that enhances our readers learning about key contributors, protocols, cryptocurrencies and much more.
  • Applicability and usability of terms and concepts in diverse scenarios.


Book is a comprehensive compendium of Blockchain terms to become a valuable resource for everyone be it – Students, Academicians, Researchers, Blockchain Practitioners, Crypto enthusiasts who are interested in learning Blockchain.