Our World of personal life and work is set to change dramatically over the next decade as Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products and services; robots take charge of manufacturing and warehouses; and drones reach the remote corners to deliver orders to customers. AI services and robots will particularly facilitate the life of the older people and the visually-impaired. AI has raised the bar of competition in the international market place and countries are busy implementing policies that will keep them ahead in the race of the next-generational change. AI will raise the productivity of the economy and provide a lot more convenience, though there is bound to be a short-term pain in the transformational process.

This book explains the concepts of AI with lots of real-life examples. While the big tech companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft (3AFIM) of the US and Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com, Tencent (ABJY) of chine are busy re-fashioning their businesses by integrating AI into all products and services they deliver, startups on the other hand are disrupting the traditional business models in finance, e-commerce, healthcare, HR management, fashion, law and even agriculture. AI-driven smart cities would provide a richer quality of living to their residents. This book also provide an insight into various social and ethical issues, such as monopoly of the big tech, ownership of data, personal privacy, job losses and autonomy of technology particularly in military warfare, which poses an existential threat to mankind. Future of AI is also discusses taking a 360-degree approach.

AI offers a huge economic opportunity, but a thoughtful approach for democratization of technology is required to provide benefits to all sections of the society. Nations and communities need to come together to evolve models that will be sustainable in the long run.


Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products and services.


  • The book gives a lucid introduction to the idea of AI.
  • The book is insightful for an academic understanding of AI in the concept of Legal Personality meant for   every person, including professionals in the field of Technology, Finance, Healthcare, HR Management, Agriculture..
  • The book gives a idea about many new AI products and services being released in the market.
  •  The book presents various social, ethical, and political challenges including significant risk to humanity.


Able to solve real-life AI case studies. Understand the future of AI solutions and adapt quickly to them.


It is a simple, explanatory, and descriptive guide for developers, technology consultants, and those interested in AI and wants to understand the fundamentals of AI and implement it practically by devising smart solutions.