Implement robust applications by applying efficient Design Patterns with .NET 5 and C#


  • Detailed theoretical concepts covered, including the use of encapsulation, interfaces, and inheritance.
  • Access to solutions applied for software strategy and final product output.
  • Simplified demonstration of real applications implementing numerous design patterns.


This book covers detailed aspects of Design Patterns and Object-Oriented Programming concepts using the most modern version of the C# language and .NET platform, including many real-world examples and good practice guidelines that help developers in building robust and extensible applications.

The book begins with the essential concepts of C# programming and the .NET platform. You get your foundation strong by understanding SOLID Principles and the actual implementation of reliable applications. You will be working on most common Design Patterns such as Abstract Factory, Adapter, Composite, Proxy, Command, Strategy, Observer, Factory Method, Singleton, Builder, Interpreter, Mediator, and many other patterns that will help you to create solid enterprise applications. You will also witness the performance of these design patterns in a real software development environment with the help of practical examples.

After learning the most common Design Patterns practiced in .NET enterprise applications, the reader will be able to understand and apply good practices of software development based on the object-oriented paradigm to develop complex enterprise applications efficiently and simply. 


  • Fine-tune your knowledge about interfaces, polymorphism, and encapsulation.
  • Learn to practice implementing design patterns in enterprise applications.
  • Implement rich design patterns: Observer, Strategy, Command, Proxy, and more.
  • Get to learn the latest additional design patterns such as Builder, Bridge, and Decorator.
  • Includes illustrations, examples, and real use-cases of .NET 5.0 applications.


This book is for .NET developers, application developers, and software engineers who want to develop .NET applications with proven techniques and build error-free applications. This book also attracts fresh graduates and entry-level developers as long as basic knowledge about .NET is known to them.