A comprehensive guide with basic to advanced SRE practices and hands-on examples. 


  • Demonstrates how to execute site reliability engineering along with fundamental concepts. 
  • Illustrates real-world examples and successful techniques to put SRE into production.
  • Introduces you to DevOps, advanced techniques of SRE, and popular tools in use.


Hands-on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) brings you a tailor-made guide to learn and practice the essential activities for the smooth functioning of enterprise systems, right from designing to the deployment of enterprise software programs and extending to scalable use with complete efficiency and reliability.

The book explores the fundamentals around SRE and related terms, concepts, and techniques that are used by SRE teams and experts. It discusses the essential elements of an IT system, including microservices, application architectures, types of software deployment, and concepts like load balancing. It explains the best techniques in delivering timely software releases using containerization and CI/CD pipeline. This book covers how to track and monitor application performance using Grafana, Prometheus, and Kibana along with how to extend monitoring more effectively by building full-stack observability into the system.

The book also talks about chaos engineering, types of system failures, design for high-availability, DevSecOps and AIOps.


  • Learn the best techniques and practices for building and running reliable software.
  • Explore observability and popular methods for effective monitoring of applications.
  • Workaround SLIs, SLOs, Error Budgets, and Error Budget Policies to manage failures.
  • Learn to practice continuous software delivery using blue/green and canary deployments.
  • Explore chaos engineering, SRE best practices, DevSecOps and AIOps.


This book caters to experienced IT professionals, application developers, software engineers, and all those who are looking to develop SRE capabilities at the individual or team level.