Learn Angular beyond basic concepts – best practices and project experience.


  • Includes real examples and numerous illustrated use-cases on how to build dynamic and interactive web applications. 
  • Covers true challenges faced by Angular professionals along with proven solutions and best practices.
  • Discusses various kinds of best practices followed in Angular applications.
  • Makes you travel through a journey of 20 stations. Each station comes with new excitement and new challenges.
  • Covers practical examples with real-time discussions.


This book is an exciting journey where novice developers learn everything they need to do before they start working on the Angular framework and develop dynamic web applications.

The book begins with building a strong foundation on the concepts of web application development and numerous developer-friendly terminologies that you would often come across while learning Angular. It covers the essentials of ES6, Webpack, and TypeScript to write Angular applications and make the development of Angular apps more enticing, innovative, and scalable. 

The book talks about modules, directives, components, data binding, routing, and many more components and functions. Each of these topics is backed with real examples and illustrations.

By the end of this book, you will learn about Angular’s powerful features and capabilities. You will become a confident developer to design your own modern, responsive, and user-friendly web applications all by yourself using this single source of knowledge. 


  • Master fundamental concepts of Angular and it's Architecture.
  • Witness the true potential of Angular for building composable components.
  • Become well versed with the file and folder structure of an Angular application.
  • Learn to write clean, simple and error-free codes like a sound professional developer.
  • Learn the essentials of ES6, Typescript and Webpack to write angular applications..1. 


This book is for all web developers, software programmers, front-end developers, and entry-level developers who want to learn Angular or enhance the existing Angular applications to modern and responsive applications. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is an advantage to begin with this book.