Building and hosting microservices without servers using AWS Lambda


  • Learn end-to-end development of microservices using .NET Core and AWS Lambda.
  • Learn a new way of hosting the .NET Core Web API on the AWS Lambda serverless platform.
  • Mastering microservices using .NET Core and AWS Lambda.


Building Modern Serverless Web APIs introduces you to the serverless paradigm of the Web API application, its advantages, and presents you the modern approach of developing the Web API. The book makes efficient use of AWS Lambda services to develop efficient, scalable, and cost-effective API solutions.

The book begins with a quick introduction to microservices, its characteristics, and current challenges faced in developing and implementing them. The book explores core concepts of ASP.NET Core and some important AWS services that are commonly used to build microservices using AWS. It explores and provides real hands-on microservice patterns and some of the best practices used in designing the serverless architecture. Furthermore, the book covers end-to-end demonstration of an application where you will learn to develop, build, deploy, and monitor microservices on AWS Lambda using .NET Core 3.1.

By the end of this book, you will be  proficient in developing microservices with AWS Lambda and become a self-starter to build your own secure microservices.


  • Learn about microservices, their characteristics, patterns, and where to use them.
  • Understand popular microservice design patterns being used with the serverless architecture.
  • Learn about the ASP.NET Core Web API and its hosting strategies for building serverless microservices.
  • Learn about Amazon Web Services and the services commonly used to build microservices.
  • Discover how to configure authorization and authentication to secure microservices in AWS.
  • Learn about AWS services available for Continuous Deployment and Integration to deploy microservices.


This book is for a seasoned .NET developer or AWS practitioner who wants to learn about the microservices architecture, patterns, and how to deploy using AWS Lambda.