Manage Linux Servers on-premises and cloud with advanced DevOps techniques using Kubernetes 


  • Detailed coverage on architecture of Web Servers, Databases, and Cloud Servers.
  • Practical touch on deploying your application and managing cloud infrastructure using Docker and Terraform.
  • Simplified implementation of Infrastructure as Code with Vagrant.
  • Explore the use of different cloud services for better provisioning, scalability, and reliability of enterprise applications.


Hands-on DevOps with Linux brings you advanced learnings on how to make the best use of Linux commands in managing the DevOps infrastructure to keep enterprise applications up-to-date.

The book begins by introducing you to the Linux world with the most used commands by DevOps experts and teaches how to set up your own infrastructure in your environment. The book covers exclusive coverage on production scenarios using Kubernetes and how the entire container orchestration is managed. 

Throughout the book, you will get accustomed to the most widely used techniques among DevOps Engineers in their routine.  You will explore how infrastructure as code works, working with Vagrant, Docker and Terraform through which you can manage the entire cloud deployment of applications along with how to scale them on your own.


  • Create Infrastructure as Code to replicate the configuration to your infrastructure.
  • Learn best methods and techniques to build continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins.
  • Learn to Distribute and scale your applications using Kubernetes.
  • Get insights by analyzing millions of server logs using Kibana and Logstash.


This book is best suited for DevOps Engineers and DevOps professionals who want to make best use of Linux commands in managing the DevOps infrastructure daily. It is a good handy guide for Linux administrators and system administrators too to get familiar with the use of Linux in Devops and advance their skillset in DevOps.