Blockchain: Preferred technology that the world is looking for! 


  • Understand the design elements of an enterprise Blockchain and National Blockchain backbone framework and the steps involved in implementing the same.
  • Prominent use cases across different domain, in different countries.
  • Examine how Blockchain is used by leading countries like Estonia, Thailand, Dubai etc.. and how it can be leveraged to improve significantly the experience of citizens in availing Government services like citizen records, civil supplies, Land records , Smart city services and many more..


We are increasingly faced with several new technologies like IOT, AI & Analytics, Machine learning, 3D printing, AR/VR, Robotics, Drones making inroads into several areas of our corporate & personal lives. All these technologies are offering an unprecedented level of automation that is augmenting our performance & lifestyles as well.

As these technologies are leveraging the centralised approach of aggregation & economies of scale to facilitate efficiencies that provide a high level of training data, these are also increasingly becoming vulnerable to sophisticated cyber-attacks from actors searching for lucrative  targets, to hold them at ransom.

Given this, How are we supposed to safeguard burgeoning investments into cutting-edge intelligent analytics driven investments of Industry 4.0?

Enters Blockchain with its potential of decentralisation and cryptographically protected and distributed ledgers that provide a mechanism to nullify the action Cybercriminals and their attacks. By eliminating Single points of failure that are resident in Centralised era, Blockchain seems to be the preferred technology that the world is looking for! 


Blockchain the underlying technology that pioneered Bitcoin and resultant innovations in Global Payments industry has made its impact much beyond the core finance domain it transformed initially. 

Blockchain, one of the latest in the disruptive technologies is seeing a surge in adoption owing to adoption by Start-ups.. There is a need to come out with a systemic thinking approach to leverage this new paradigm. Hence, let us delve into design thinking approach to solve the problems using  Blockchain.


Book will take a look at the Global adoption and implementation aspects & their challenges. This book will be very useful to Blockchain Subject Matter Experts, Consultants, CXOs and Government officials and one who is interested in exploring blockchain technology. It will appeal to Developers, Architects, Technology Managers and Executives who wish to build new or transform their existing applications to a blockchain based system to gain efficiencies in Cost, Scalability, Security and Robustness.