The book starts by giving an overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), its tools, and industry use cases. You will then get familiar with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise components and Architecture. Moving on, you will deep dive into the options provided in a Client application such as recorders, workbench, metabot designer and the types of bots in Automation Anywhere. You will then come across the practical implementation of variables in Automation. The book will then show how to implement commands such as Error Handling, XML, Web Services, FTP, OCR, PGP, String Operation, Files & Folders, etc. You will also get familiar with the working of Workflows and Workflow Manager. Towards the end, the book will teach you how to transfer bots to and from the Web Control Room and schedule bots from the Web Control Room.

By the end of the book, you will be able to implement different commands provided in Automation Anywhere.


Learn RPA using Automation Anywhere with step-by-step practical implementation


  • Get an overview of different stages in the Business Process Automation
  • Learn how to use Automation Anywhere to automate business processes using commands such as Excel,      Email, PDF, Database, XML, Web Services etc.
  • Learn how to use commands together to automate process flows and standard industry use cases
  • Learn  how to develop bots in Bot Creator
  • Learn to use Citrix AISense to capture objects in Citrix, Virtual Machine and Remote environment


  • Understand the fundamentals of Business Process Automation and its stages.
  • Use commands such as Excel, PDF, Email, Database, Object Cloning, Loops, If-Else etc.   together  to create a bot to automate industry use cases.
  • Use Variables, MetaBots, IQ bots and Citrix AISense to incorporate features such as Reusability,   Cognitive Automation capabilities and Object Capturing in Citrix, Virtual Machine and Remote environment.
  • Learn how to create reusable bots using MetaBots
  • Develop bots in Bot Creator and upload and schedule them in Web Control Room to be automatically executed on Bot Runner.


The book is for anyone who wants to become a RPA developer. Professionals working in this field who want to upgrade themselves will find this book helpful.