This book covers all possible interview questions and coding in Python. It presents written theory as well as practical questions as all the interviewers do not follow the same pattern. Questions are jumbled and compiled.

Practical questions may help you to understand the logic and will help you to fight the technical round. Simple questions with deep coding are the hallmark of this book.

With over 242 questions in this book, you will be able to crack your Python interview. The book covers the following topics:

Variable, Datatype, type conversion, Operators, if-else, loops ,List , Tuples, Set ,Dictionary, Functions, Array, classes and objects, constructor , Inheritance, Encapsulation, keywords , regular expression, Random Module, Sys Module , OS Module , Statistics Module, widgets of Tkinter , Multithreading, other GUI Framework , work on multiple Tkinter windows , File Input-output , file handling with GUI, MySQL , SQLite , MongoDB , Redis, connectivity with GUI, Matplotlib Library, Django, Flask.


Bottom-up approach to crack your python interview


  • Get the answer for the most common and challenging Python question
  • Learn to trace the code and answer the question correctly
  • Explore the solutions of GUI and DBMS in Python
  • Gain sufficient understanding on Machine Learning library and Pandas 


  • Become a Python Developer without having to spend a lot of money on theoretical content
  • You will achieve the confidence to tackle the most challenging questions on Python
  • You will develop a strong understanding around the entire ecosystem of Python programming


This book is targeted at Python Developers, Technical specialist, Beginners who want to stand out in a Python coding interview.