This book is an Essentials guide for every Angular developer. It covers all required topics an Angular developer need to get started. This book is written in Angular version 7 and explains vital  concepts of Angular in extremely descriptive way with lot of code examples.


Basic to Advance learning of Angular concepts

Key Features

  •  A complete overview of the key aspects of Angular
  • Up to date with the latest Angular release
  • The book covers the framework's mental model, API, and the design principles behind it.

What Will You Learn

  •    Components & Binding, Web API
  •    SPAs & Routing, Template Driven Forms
  •     Forms, HTTP
  •     Unit Testing, ngModel, Angular Directives
  •     Pipes, Ignite UI,

Who This Book is For

  • Students of Polytechnic Diploma Classes- Computer Science/ Information Technology
  • Graduate Students- Computer Science/ CSE / IT/ Computer Applications
  • Master Class Students—Msc (CS/IT)/ MCA/ M.Phil, M.Tech, M.S.
  • Industry Professionals- Preparing for Certifications