This book is a unique read for both beginners and developers as it extensively covers topics ranging from fundamentals to advanced topics in Go programming. Basics such as Data types, Control structures and Loops in have been explained in-depth. A detailed description of Structs, Interfaces, Polymorphism and Concurrency will enable you to write professional codes using Golang. You will get an idea of error data type and how to recover it in Golang. You will be capable of using standard libraries, create custom packages and install third party packages in Go. Creation of functions and invoking them in Go have been vividly explained. By the end, you will be able to write advanced Golang code and at the same time, develop an application with Golang server.


Deep dive into the essential topics in Go programming


  • Understand the fundamentals of Go language, its history, purpose and success stories.
  • Learn how to work with Variables, Constants, Data types, Operators, Control structures and Functions.
  • Get familiar and work with the standard Golang libraries.
  • Learn how to create custom packages and third-party package installation.
  • Understand how concurrency is achieved in Go with the use of Goroutines, Mutex and Channels.
  • Understand how an error is handled in Golang and supported libraries. 


  • Learn how to write codes using Control structures and Loops in Go
  • Get familiar with the type of Operators in Go
  • Learn how to work with Arrays and Slices in Go
  • Get familiar and work with the functions in Go
  • Learn how to implement Concurrent programming in Go


This book is for anyone who wants to learn the Golang programming language. Programmers and developers who are currently using Golang can use this book as a reference guide