Book takes care of your front-end aspect and the back end which will make you really stand out during .NET Interviews. Around 400 plus SQL Server Interview questions sampled from real SQL.
In this book there are some legends which will make your reading more effective. Every question has simple tags which make you are reading more effective. Every question has simple tags which mark the rating of the questions. These ratings are given by Author and can vary according to companies and individuals.
Book has only two levels (DBA and NON-DBA) because of the subject. While reading you can come across section marked as "Note" , which highlights special points of that section.
While going through the book you will also come across section marked as "Note", which highlights special point of that section. You will come across tags like "TWIST", which is nothing but another way of asking the same question, for instance, "What is replication?" and "How do I move data between two SQL Server database?" , point to the same answer.

Lean SQLCLR, XML Integration, Database optimization, Data warehousing, Data mining and reporting services

Key Features
  • Server interviews conducted across IT companies.
  • Other than core level interview question, DBA topics like database optimization and locking are also addressed.
  • Replication section where most of the developer stumbles, a full chapter is dedicated to replication so that during the interview you really look a champ.
  • Every answer is precise and to the point rather than hitting around the bush. Some questions are answered to greater detail with practical implementation in mind.
  • Tips and tricks for an interview, resume making, and salary negotiation section takes this book to a greater height.
What Will You Learn
Bookstands taller than the readers demand and that is SQL Server itself. Almost 90 % of projects in the software industry need databases or persistent data in some or other form. When it comes to .NET persisting data SQL Server is the most preferred database to do it. There are projects which use ORACLE, DB2 and other database product, but SQL Server still has the major market chunk when language is .NET and especially operating system is windows. Book treat this great relationship between .NET, SQL Server and Windows OS as a family relationship.

Who This Book is For
This book is for programmers, architect, coder, tester, DBA who want to crack SQL Server interview.