Is it Possible to get High-Impact Communication skills and Soft Skills in a very short period?

Is there a way to build executive presence to get promotion, progress and visibility for your efforts from your leaders and recruiters? 

Can you develop mental strength, motivation & confidence to approach your lives with a positive mental attitude?

Can you develop Emotional Intelligence and have meaningful relationships with everyone to live your dream life?

 Do you want learn from a corporate expert's 20+ years experience, so that you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes and make the right decisions?

Yes, through this book you can do all the above and more! 

Welcome to the ultimate guide to unleashing your potential.

A Good professional needs to have strong Language skills. Recognizing this need, the book has a section in every chapter that highlights important words and Business phrases used in the corporate industry along with their meanings.

The attached CD has all new content, essential soft skills training for life success. Through a series of videos, the author shares corporate tips and provides coaching for career advancement and realisation of personal goals.


The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Potential…


  • Book aims to be the Professional Guide, Coach and Mentor to all those who want
  • to upgrade their soft skills to get a head-start in their careers.
  • Book is designed to give all individuals the all-important personality development soft skills required by them to become successful and powerful personalities.
  • Book has been designed to be a bridge between Academic Curriculum education and the Industry.
  • Effective Communication and Personal Development training concepts given in this book impart knowledge that is geared towards enhancing their soft skills


This books aims to impart high-impact soft skills like executive presence, time management, public speaking, first impression, professionalism, etiquette, negotiation, job interview, group discussion, leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and much more.


Through this book, anyone wishing to develop powerful personalities will be able to choose and attain a career of their choice. They will develop well-rounded personalities; attain self-confidence and an ability to successfully overcome any challenge that life throws at them.