Book does full justice by dedicating a complete chapter to costing. The costing chapter covers the most asked fundamentals like Earned value, planned value and Actual cost with some real examples. The small and sweet chapter on risk management covers the basics like DR and BCP. CMMI which has evolved as a very matured and standard process across the IT industry is the biggest talk during project management interviews. The best part of the book is the CD in which we have provided standard templates and software by which you can gain an insight into project management tools. We have also provided a sample resume by which you can get a fair idea of how to prepare a resume from a project management job perspective. Project management interview rating sheet which is provided with CD will help you to measure and rate yourself before going to interviews. 


Complete question bank to crack your Project management interview


  • The full-blown chapter on CMMI covering maturity levels staged and continuous representation.
  • SCAMPI, PII and full details explanation of all CMMI KPA (Key Process Area) are given.
  • Six sigma is catching up very fast in the IT industry and also one of the most frequented section during project management interviews.
  • Nice and sweet 20 pages document dedicated to six sigma.
  • Agile and XP has caught a lot of attention in recent times.
  • Book has dedicated a full 50 pages document to Agile, XP, AXEUM, FDD and LSD.


The book starts with the basics of project management fundamentals like ROI, stakeholders, MOU, SDLC, CAR, DAR, traceability matrix and then rises towards more sophisticated questions. Estimation is the most frequented section during project management interviews. A full chapter with 40 questions is dedicated to estimation. This book covers the most used estimation methodology like COCOMO, LOC, Function points and Use case points. Many project managers fall out when it comes to answering questions on schedule management. A full chapter on schedule management covering fundamentals like EST, LFT, EFT, LST, PERT, GANT and Monte Carto. We are sure by knowing these fundamentals you cannot slip.


This book is best suited for team leads who want to jump into the project management role and as well as for seniors who want to have a quick revision from project management interview perspective.