Level up your React and Next.js skills with advanced concepts about SSR and PWA


  • Covers latest and core React concepts including React hooks and React reconciler
  • Covers about Server Side Rendering with React and how to use it using Next.js
  • Covers about Progressive Web Apps in React and how to create them
  • Covers intermediate and advanced React concepts like state management
  • Covers overview of React for beginners to catch with advanced concepts later
  • Covers bleeding-edge React concepts on the future of React and how it would work eventually


The book starts by introducing the reader to React, what it is and why you need a library like React to work with medium to large scale applications. We then move on to implementing simple client-side programs with React, uncovering modern React practices like React hooks and diving deep into various kinds of hooks. We then move to implement React on the server using Server-Side Rendering to bring benefits of the SEO world to the dynamic rendering nature of front-end libraries. For this, we use Next.js, a very popular implementation of Server-Side Rendering which comes with tons of good practices already baked in. We also take a look at how Progressive Web Apps can be created out of existing React codebases and what benefits it provides us. Finally, we end the book with some React internals (how to React works) and some bleeding-edge features in React which are expected to roll out in 2-3 years fully and would impact how to React works under the hood.


  •     What React is and how to get started with it
  •     Modern ways to code React applications
  •     Implementing Server-Side rendering with/without Next.js on the top of React library
  •     Working with Progressive Web Apps in React
  •     How React works under the hood
  •     Future of React and bleeding-edge React tech you can use today


The reader is expected to have a decent understanding of JavaScript/HTML/CSS, and possibly, worked with React a little bit beforehand. Although the first 2 chapters cover basics of React, still it is recommended for users with at least a bit of knowledge and experience with React.