Book explains and simplify the usage of Excel features and functionalities, with the help of examples. It starts with ‘Getting Started with Excel’ and ‘Performing functions with shortcut keys’ which will help you in getting started with Excel. Then ‘Formulas and Functions’ gives an initial understanding of what are operators, formulas, functions, their components. Further ‘Data Visualization with new Charts types’, ‘Gantt and Milestone chart’, ‘SmartArt and Organization Chart’ give details on the different chart types available in Excel.

 In the intermediate section you will learn ‘Get creative with Icons, 3D models, Digital Inking’ details multiple new and improved features that got introduced to enhance the visual presentation. In the end, Chapters ‘Mail Merge using Excel’, ‘Create Custom Excel Template’ and ‘Macros in Excel’ explain the Excel features that help in automating tasks. You will learn how to generate multiple documents automatically with customization, create and use your own templates and use of macros to do repeated task automatically.

And at last Chapter ‘Get help for your problem’ lists few problem statements and their probable solutions with references to the Excel feature or functionality that can be used to resolve the problem. 


Explore different ways and methods to consolidate data, complex analysis, and prediction or forecast based on trends

Key Features

  •     Use the Analysis ToolPak to perform complex Data analysis
  •     Get well versed with the formulas, functions, and components in Excel
  •     Handy templates to give you a head start
  •     Usage of multiple examples to explain the application in a real-world scenario
  •     Implement macros for your everyday tasks that will help you save your time
  •     Explore different Charts types for Data visualization

What Will You Learn

  •     Get familiar with the most used advanced Excel formulas and functions for Data analysis
  •     Learn how to create a Gantt / Timeline / Milestone Chart in Excel
  •     Use charts for Better Data visualization
  •     Build organization charts with SmartArt tools in Excel
  •     Use the Analysis ToolPak & Power Pivots to perform complex Data analysis
  •     Learn how to link and share workbooks for automatic updates

Who this Book is For

This book is for professionals from any domain, who are searching for shortcuts & advanced methods to resolve their daily problems.