This book starts by introducing the concepts of .NET framework. It then discusses OOP and explores how one can work with OOP in C#. There are two chapters on OOP: the first one covers the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP), and the second one delineates advanced concepts related to OOP and how they can be implemented in C#.
Next, the book discusses Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and how to work with it in C#, followed by multithreading, asynchronous and parallel programming concepts with relevant code examples to illustrate the concepts covered. Generics, collections, generic collections, delegates, lambda expressions are also covered in this section.

In the last section of the book, serialization, file I/O and how to work with them in C# are discussed concisely. A separate chapter on C# 8.0 is added to highlight its new features. .. There is an appendix chapter as well that discusses how one can get started working with Visual Studio 2019.

A step-by-step guide is written in a lucid language for mastering C#

Key Features 
  • Packed with plentiful code examples
  • A comprehensive guide to mastering C#
  • Discusses the OOP principles
  • Targets beginner to advanced readers of C#
  • Provides insight into the latest features of C#, including C# 8.0
  • Covers Visual Studio 2019
What Will You Learn
By the end of reading this book, the reader will have mastered the concepts of C# programming language, and be able to build high performance, scalable and robust applications using C#.

Who This Book is For
This book is intended for people who are aspiring a career in .NET as well as for professionals who would like to master the concepts of C# programming language. Since this book is for beginner to advanced readers of C#, a basic knowledge of C# will be helpful.