The book gives full understanding of theoretical topic and easy implementation in programming. The book is going to help students in self-learning of data structures and in understanding how these concepts are implemented in programs. It contains lot of figures, which will help students to visualize the concept effectively. Diagrams help students to understand how the programs involving data structure concepts are implemented within the computer system.

Algorithms are included to clear the concept of data structure. Each algorithm is explained with figures to make student clearer about the concept. Sample data set is taken and step by step execution of algorithm is provided in the book to ensure the in – depth knowledge of students about the concept discussed.

For beginners to level up Core Programming Skills

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Useful for any level of students including B.E., BTech, MCA, BCA, B.Sc. (Computer Science), etc.
  • Algorithms used in the book are well explained and illustrated step by step.
  • Help students in understanding how data structures are implemented in programs.
  • Each module contains question bank which includes questions for competitive examinations like
  • UGC-NET, placement drives, and so on.

What Will You Learn

  • New features and essential of Algorithms and Arrays.
  • Linked List, its type and implementation.
  • Stacks and Queues
  • Trees and Graphs
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Greedy method
  • Beauty of Blockchain

Who This Book is For
This book is useful for all the students of B. Tech, B.E., MCA, BCA, B.Sc. (Computer Science), and so on. Person with basic knowledge in this field can understand the concept from the beginning of the book itself.
We think our book is one of a kind. We are trying to connect the past and the present here. The last module of our book is focussing on BLOCKCHAIN. It explains the concepts of blockchain through a different dimension, that is, explaining the data structure aspect of blockchain.