In This Book, Principles, Paradigm Frameworks, And Applications Of IoT (Internet Of Things) In The Modern Era Are Presented. It Also Provides A Sound Understanding Of The Iot Concepts, Architecture, And Applications, And Improves The Awareness Of Readers About Iot Technologies And Application Areas. A Key Objective Of This Book Is To Provide A Systematic Source Of Reference For All Aspects Of Iot. This Book Comprises Nine Chapters With Close Co-operation And Contributions From Four Different Authors, Spanning Across Four Countries And Providing A Global, Broad Perspective On Major Topics On The Internet Of Things.

A Systematic Approach To Learn The Principles, Paradigms And Applications Of Internet Of Things

Key Features

  • Iot Applications In Various Sectors Like Education, Smart City, Politics, Healthcare, Agriculture, Etc.
  • Adoption Of The Iot Technology And Strategies For Various Sectors
  • To Present Case Studies And Innovative Applications Of The Iot
  • To Analyze And Present The State Of The Art Of The Iot And Related Technologies And Methodologies
  • To Propose New Models, Practical Solutions And Technological Advances Of The Iot

What Will You Learn

  • Become Aware Of The IoT Components, Their Connectivity To Form The Iot Altogether, And Future Possibilities With Iot.
  • Understand How The Various Components Of Cloud Computing Work Together To Form The Basic Architecture Of Cloud Computing.
  • Examine The Relationship Between The Various Layers In The Iot Architecture.
  • Understand The Programming Framework For The Internet Of Things (Iot) And Various Programming Paradigms.

Who This Book Is For
This Book Is Intended For Professionals, Researchers, Instructors, And Designers Of A Smart System, Who Will Benefit From Reading This Book.