Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source Enterprise Blockchain project. It is best suited for Enterprise Solutions, where the aim is to deliver Blockchain ready solutions in a closed environment between multiple parties.
This book aims to cover Hyperledger Fabric in-depth and its role in enterprise applications.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part talks about Blockchain in general, decentralization, consensus algorithms, and various cryptographic primitives in Blockchain. It takes a cue from Bitcoin and Ethereum wherever required. This section aims to cement foundational concepts of Blockchain. The second section focuses on Hyperledger Fabric. It helps you to get a deep level understanding of its key core concepts, main constituents, architecture internals, and transaction flow. It is then followed by examples that will help you set up a network. A detailed explanation of Chaincode will help you understand how to write a Smart Contract, unit test, and deploy them in the dev network. This book also covers Network Configurations, ACLs, RAFT, and Monitoring so that you can start thinking about making production-grade applications.

Create real-world applications using Hyperledger Fabric with ease

Key Features
● Understand the importance of Blockchain in an Enterprise.
● Master the core characteristics of Blockchain, i.e., Decentralization, Cryptography, and Consensus Algorithms.
● Get yourself acquainted with Hyperledger Fabric's core concepts and the design philosophy behind it.
● Learn how to work with network configurations, TLS, PDC, ACL, RAFT, monitoring using Prometheus, and Grafana.

What Will You Learn
● Get familiar with the fundamentals of Blockchain.
● Understand the core concepts of Hyperledger's system architecture.
● Create Fabric based blockchain networks with different configurations.
● Learn to write, test and deploy smart contracts (chaincode) in Hyperledger
● Get familiar with the Security and Privacy aspect in Blockchain.

Who This Book is For
This book is for anyone who wants to get started on blockchain. This book is for developers and architects who want to learn how to develop a fabric based blockchain application and apply advanced concepts that help them build enterprise grade applications.