Mitesh Soni is a DevOps engineer. He is in love with the DevOps culture and concept. Continuous improvement is his motto in life with existing imperfection. Mitesh has worked on multiple DevOps practices implementation initiatives. His primary focus is on the improvement of the existing culture of an organization or a project using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. He believes that attitude and dedication are some of the biggest virtues that can improve professional as well as personal life! He has good experience in DevOps consulting, and he enjoys talking about DevOps and CULTURE transformation using existing practices and improving them with open source or commercial tools. 

Mitesh always believes that DevOps is a cultural transformation, and it is facilitated by People, Processes, and Tools. DevOps transformation is a tools agnostic approach. He loves to give training and share knowledge with the community. He has a keen knowledge of programming, and he is aware of different languages/frameworks/platforms such as Java, Android, iOS, NodeJS, Angular. His main objective is to get enough information related to the project in a way that it is helpful in creating an end to end automation pipeline. 

In his leisure time, he likes to walk in Garden, to click photographs, and to do cycling. He prefers to spend time in peaceful places. His favorite tool / services for DevOps Practices implementation is Azure DevOps and Jenkins in commercial and open sources categories respectively.