Ketan Agnihotri is a proud Indian, working as a Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft, driven by a passion for creating meaningful professional connections. He is a Senior Full Stack developer with 12+ years of experience and a proven track record of team leadership. His expertise spans various industries, including Real Estate, Travel, Automobile, Healthcare, Insurance, Media Marketing, and Public Sector projects.

Ketan’s enthusiasm for technology extends beyond his professional experience. As an author, speaker, blogger, and trainer, he actively engages with individuals worldwide, sharing his insights and knowledge. Ketan likes to solve complex problems, learning new every day, and constantly challenging himself to acquire new skills.

Ketan is actively involved in social work and collaborates with NGOs. Whether it os software development, customer satisfaction, or technology engagement, Ketan’s goal is to empower others and build innovative solutions that drive success.

Pranali Dahale is a seasoned software engineer with a passion for web development, working as Azure Consultant at Microsoft. With over 12+ years of industry experience, Pranali has worked on a wide range of projects, from small-scale web applications to enterprise-level solutions.

Pranali has developed a deep understanding of back-end and front-end technologies like JavaScript, React, C#, HTML, CSS, Azure. She is an active contributor to the developer’s community. She regularly shares their knowledge and insights through blog posts, tutorials and like to follow best practices, write clean code, and adopt efficient development workflows.

Pranali shares their knowledge and experience, providing readers with a comprehensive resource to master React development with TypeScript. Their practical approach, attention to detail, and passion for teaching make this book an asset for anyone looking to build professional-grade applications.