Ram Patel stands at the forefront of network architecture innovation at Intel, a leading Fortune 500 company, where he has amassed over 16 years of experience in the networking and network security field. Ram has consistently expanded his expertise to stay ahead of the technological curve with Software Defined Networking, Zero Trust Network, IoT/ Private 5G, in addition to traditional networking fields such as enterprise, datacenter, and manufacturing local area network.

His professional interests and work are deeply rooted in network and network security, with a particular focus on network security, resiliency, efficiency, and observability. Ram is dedicated to solving business challenges and making a positive impact on his organization. His commitment to innovation is highlighted by his pioneering use of automation, software-defined networking, and the observability platform ELK to enhance network and network security observability. This forward-thinking approach has not only optimized his company’s infrastructure but has also influenced vendor product features and roadmaps.

As a thought leader, Ram has co-authored influential papers on emerging networking topics, showcasing his profound understanding and foresight in the field. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping the future of network architecture, making him a key player in the evolution of network and security practices. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and various industry certifications in networking.