Ekambar Kumar Singirikonda or Kumar, serves as the Director of DevOps Engineering at Toyota North America. He leads performing teams and drives transformative initiatives within the organization.

Kumar specializes in DevOps engineering, cloud engineering, edge compute engineering and system performance analysis. Throughout his journey, he has introduced automation solutions that have significantly impacted businesses.

Kumar has received accolades such, as the Inspirational DevOps Leadership Team Award and the Quality Excellence Award. His writings encompass topics in the realm of DevOps, such, as customer experience, compliance, governance, security, data privacy and incident response.

In addition to his position at Toyota, Kumar is a board member at The University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Gift Of Adoption Funds, an organization that provides grants for child adoption.

As part of CDO Magazine's Editorial Board, Kumar discusses advancements in data and analytics. He is also involved with the council for the Harvard Business Review.

Living in Irving, Texas, with his family, Kumar actively participates in the DevOps community. He mentors aspiring professionals to help them improve their skills and expertise, in the field.