Abhisek Sinha boasts a robust career spanning over 18 years in the field of software development. Throughout this extensive journey, he has held pivotal roles as a technical leader and software engineer, contributing significantly to numerous projects. His expertise extends to delivering successful projects for major corporations. Notably, he has been instrumental in the accomplishment of projects across diverse geographical landscapes, including India, Singapore, and Australia.

Currently, Abhisek serves as a Software Architecture Specialist and a Technical Advisor at Westpac Ltd, a leading Australian bank. His role in such a prominent institution underscores his depth of knowledge and practical experience in the software development domain.

Abhisek is not only a seasoned professional but also an accomplished postgraduate, having completed a degree in Information Technology. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications with a specialization in Agile Methods.

In recognition of his commitment to excellence in enterprise architecture, Abhisek has successfully obtained TOGAF Certification. This credential signifies his proficiency in navigating the complexities of enterprise-level architecture.

Beyond his corporate contributions, Abhisek actively engages with the global IT community. He shares his insights and experiences as a speaker in international IT conferences, offering valuable perspectives on industry trends and best practices. Furthermore, he contributes to the body of knowledge in software development by writing technical articles, with a focus on Web Development and related topics.

Abhisek Sinha’s multifaceted background and wealth of experience make him a valuable contributor to the evolving landscape of software development, and his insights permeate the content of this book, enriching the reader’s understanding of event-driven architecture using RabbitMQ and .NET.