Damiana Spadafora is a highly experienced and accomplished analytics professional with a strong background in driving Tableau rollouts at top-tier organizations. With a wealth of experience gained at Europe’s top Tableau partner, the Information Lab, Damiana has a proven track record of successfully implementing Tableau solutions at organizations such as the Financial Times, Schroder’s, and Virgin Atlantic.

Currently, Damiana serves as the Head of Financial Crime Data at a large Nordic bank, where she has been instrumental in driving analytics and Tableau usage across financial crime and compliance. Damiana is a well-established expert in data analytics, data management and data governance. She holds MSc degrees in Management and Economics as well as a postgraduate degree in data science. She is also a Tableau Certified professional.

Lars Malmqvist has spent the past 13 years working as an architect and CTO within the Salesforce ecosystem. He has worked on over 40 Salesforce implementations, ranging from simple out-of-the-box scenarios to advanced, bespoke, multi-cloud solutions for large global brands. He is a 29-time certified Salesforce CTA with degrees in anthropology, mathematics, and technology management, an MBA from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of York. Currently, he is a partner at Implement Consulting Group.