Leena Gurg and Usha Subramaniam, co-authored the book “Cyber Safety for Everyone.” They wanted to help people stay safe on the internet. So, with a couple of friends, they started JaagoTeens in 2010. Leveraging various formats, including dynamic and innovative game-based learning workshops and events, JaagoTeens has reached out to over 120,000 individuals.

Supported by enthusiastic and well-trained college volunteers, the team actively encourages positive internet usage and responsible behavior. The insights gained from online challenges and experiences during these workshops have been meticulously documented, with select content compiled into this exceptionally valuable book.

Leena, has an academic background in M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, a PG diploma in Computer Science and Applications, and a B.Ed. She brings 25 years of teaching experience to this project. Meanwhile, Usha, a seasoned freelance writer, complements Leena’s expertise, resulting in this unique and engaging book that holds particular relevance in the digital age.