Jeyaram Ayyalusamy is a seasoned computer professional with over 18 years of expertise in Open Source and Oracle database technologies. His proficiency spans MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, focusing on performance tuning and high availability. As a project manager at Doyensys since December 2014, he oversees multiple enterprise application projects, ensuring clients leverage innovation for success. Jeyaram holds certifications in Oracle, MySQL, AWS, and ITIL, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning. His passion for Open Source and diverse technologies, combined with a postgraduate degree in MSc. Information Technology, makes him a valuable asset in managing complex IT projects. Overall, Jeyaram’s extensive experience and dedication to staying current in the industry solidify him as a knowledgeable and indispensable professional.

Arunjith Aravindan is a highly experienced computer professional with over 14 years of expertise in Open Source and MySQL consulting. Holding a Master of Computer Application (MCA) postgraduate degree, he joined Percona in 2014 as a consultant, where he collaborates with Managed Services customers to establish and maintain robust MySQL infrastructures. Arunjith specializes in performance analysis and optimization of MySQL, RDS, and Aurora, query optimization, troubleshooting, as well as high availability and scalability. His dedication to staying current with industry developments is reflected in his blogs and speaking engagements at various conferences. Arunjith’s exceptional technical communication skills, coupled with his passion for Open Source and MySQL technologies, distinguish him in his field.

Dr. P.V. Kumaraguru is over 27+ years of academic teaching experience in postgraduate professional degree programme. Associate Professor and COE, Guru Nanak College, 12 years of Research Experience, Former Dean of School of Information Technology, Guru Nanak College(Autonomous), Chennai. Areas of interest are Networking, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, published articles in several National and International Journals. Area of Research Work -Machine learning Approach for Model Discovery and Process Enhancement Using Process Mining Techniques.