Suman Dutta is a seasoned technology enthusiast with a rich background in Software Engineering and IT, amassing 17 years of industry experience. He earned a Master's degree in Computer Application, laying a strong foundation for his career. Throughout his professional journey, Suman has collaborated with a diverse range of organizations, spanning from startups to major industry players such as Apple Inc, Oracle America, PagerDuty, etc. Notably, he has achieved success in delivering numerous multi-milliondollar projects, showcasing his expertise in the Software Industry.

Suman is recognized for specific skills and qualities, including meticulous attention to detail, innovative thinking, and excellent communication skills. He is deeply committed to particular goals and values, such as advancing the field of VR/AR, promoting diversity and inclusion, and enhancing user experiences.

Beyond his role as an established Software professional, Suman Dutta is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded SwipeTouch Edutech Private Ltd, an Ed-tech startup. The startup has achieved significant success, currently operating in multiple states of India and providing support to 40,000 or more students and over 50 schools.

Passionate about various interests, Suman enjoys travel, photography, and volunteering. His diverse activities include hiking, cooking, and playing musical instruments. Currently residing in Silicon Valley, California, USA, he values quality time with family and friends. During his leisure moments, Suman can be found playing with his toddler, indulging in his love for cooking, listening to good music, and delving into insightful books.