Mayank Bhushan has a teaching experience of more than 15 years. He holds a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an M.Tech. degree in the same field from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj. In addition to having good grades, he is certified to have global experience in Big Data Analytics and Salesforce-Cloud computing. Besides that, he has a certificate in Computer Networking from IIT Kharagpur, especially in the Linux platform. Along with this book, he has written various books tailored for vocational studies.

Throughout his career, the privilege of sharing knowledge through lectures at both private and government engineering colleges has been experienced. The focus during these lectures has been on the subject of Big Data and Hadoop. Commitment to education is deeply held by him and a self-designed course on Big Data and Cloud Computing has been developed. In this course, not only knowledge is imparted by him, but also valuable project ideas and real-time solutions to address any doubts are provided.

He has written many books in this area and is known for making important contributions to international study. With a lot of experience, he has written a number of important research papers that have been read around the world. Aside from his study, Mayank Bhushan has been an inspiration to many scholars, helping them with their theses and being a valuable mentor.

His knowledge and devotion have not only made academic literature better, but they have also had a huge impact on the academic careers of people who want to become researchers. His commitment to advancing knowledge and nurturing the next generation of scholars is evident in his prolific research output and mentorship roles.