Picklu Paul is a dynamic and forward-thinking cybersecurity leader based in Singapore. With a decade of diverse experience across multiple IT domains, he brings a fresh perspective and a passion for pushing the boundaries of Cybersecurity.

With a strong foundation in both DevSecOps and AWS security, Picklu has quickly risen to prominence as a thought leader in the industry. His innovative contributions and dedication to staying ahead of evolving threats have earned him respect and recognition among peers.

When not immersed in the world of cybersecurity, Picklu is a passionate chess player and an occasional billiards enthusiast. His diverse interests reflect a well-rounded personality, always eager for new challenges and experiences.

His latest publication, 'Demystifying DevSecOps in AWS: Achieve operational excellence in the cloud with DevSecOps', reflects his commitment to empowering the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. It encapsulates Picklu’s vision for achieving DevSecOps excellence in AWS environments and underscores his status as a prominent leader in the DevSecOps realm.