Anurag Srivastava boasts over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, marked by successful collaborations with various service-based companies on government and private projects. He excelled in pivotal roles encompassing development and technical management, showcasing his adaptability and expertise in achieving project success.

Anurag's accomplishments extend to the realm of literature, with several highly regarded books to his name. His publications are widely respected for their comprehensive and practical approach to Kibana and Elasticsearch.

In addition to his writing achievements, Anurag has delivered corporate training programs focusing on Elasticsearch, Kibana, ELK, and Cumulocity IoT, enabling organizations to leverage these technologies effectively.

With a diverse skill set, strong leadership qualities, and a passion for innovation, Anurag Srivastava brings substantial value to IT initiatives. He remains committed to delivering exceptional results while staying abreast of industry trends and advancements. Anurag is a trusted expert in the IT landscape, poised to contribute to technological excellence.