Ashok Boddeda is an accomplished technology professional with a remarkable journey spanning over two decade in the realm of Information Technology. With an innate passion for all tech things, Ashok's journey began with a strong foundation in Computer Science, evolving into a trailblazing career that encompasses a wide spectrum of skills. His adeptness in cloud computing, system architecture, and software development reflects his deep-rooted curiosity and relentless drive for excellence.

Currently serving as the AI Practice Lead at Wilcosource, Ashok's extensive experience shines through in his pivotal role. His leadership aspires to infuse cutting-edge technologies, especially in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, into strategic business solutions. This serves as a testament to his exceptional understanding of the dynamic technology landscape and his ability to harness its potential for transformative outcomes. Ashok's innate ability to bridge intricate technical concepts with real-world applications underscores his dedication to innovation, making him an invaluable asset in today's technology-driven world.

Ashok's journey has been significantly enriched by his tenure at Microsoft's OSS division, where he delivered IoT, AI, and DevOps solutions, pushing the boundaries of what Microsoft technology stack can achieve. Additionally, at Dell, he led the development of an AI recommendation tool for the commerce website, enhancing user experiences. His experience in migrating Oxford Journals to the cloud further solidifies his expertise in navigating complex technology landscapes and delivering solutions that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.